A once slanting old shed, with a lot of hard work and a little help from a carpenter friend, we made Cafe Goryo. We wanted to keep the original feeling of the space, so the interior is a little rough, but we hope you enjoy the atmosphere of 'old Furano'.

At Cafe Goryo we have arranged a menu from food we fell in love with during our world travels.
We are a small care, so it may take time to get around to your order, and appreciate your understanding.


*Drink Menu*

*Home roasted coffee 400yen
*Cafe Au Lait 500yen
*Vietnamese Coffee 500yen
(with a pot of lotus tee)
*Chai Tea 400yen
*Ginger Lemon Tea 400yen
*Flavoured Tea 400yen
*Hazelnut Milk 500yen

*Iced coffee 400yen
*Iced Cafe Au Lait 400yen
*Matcha Au Lait(HOT or ICE) 450yen
*Ginger Lemon Soda 500yen
*Beer 400yen
*Batido 500yen
*Furano Wine(red、white)950yen

*Food Menu*

*Today's dishes 800yen
Tomato Curry, Greek salad, Locomoco, Green Curry
Mushroom Stroganoff
We only offer 2 dishes to choose from each day.
*Goryo Sandwich 900yen
*Daily Sweets 500yen


We are going a small hoatel "Goryo Guesthouse" next of our cafe.
Goryo Guesthouse is an 80 year old farm house which was lovingly renovated by ourselves.
2000yen〜2500yen par parson.(Shared room only)
Please check our website→*Goryo Guesthouse*




Access & Shop Data

Business hours◇11:00〜20:00(19:30LO)
Regular holiday◇Tuesday
Address◇KamiGoryo, Furano-Shi, Hokkaido
Map Code◇[ 550 750 731 ]

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